What is ‘The Influence of Eight’ all about?

It focusses on the importance of recognising and understanding why people matter in organisations, their personal lives and the wider communities they live in and how these are all interconnected.

This initiative brings together like-minded people and organisations who have an abundance of ideas, experiences and industry knowledge, who have a common thread and a willingness to share to the business community to create change – both professionally and personally.


Much like a jigsaw, individually we bring small, but significant pieces to the overall picture.
But collectively as a group, we bring so much more to the table which builds a much bigger picture – thereby completing the jigsaw which is full of ideas, experiences and knowledge. This brings strength to the message which has a greater impact – than by working independently.


Rata’s dream, with the support of equally passionate specialists and organisations is to make positive change for employees, their families and wider communities. And ultimately, for the New Zealand business community which will add tremendous value to overall health, well-being and productivity in New Zealand.


Rata is the centre of the ‘ripple effect’ radiating positive energy to create positive change. Like us, dream weavers are leaders – who much like shape shifters can really make a difference if we collaborate with a positive vision to amplify the overall message.

In the words of Norman Kirk – 29th Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1972 until 1974:

“All kiwis want is someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work, and something to hope for.”

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