This morning Tim Wilson – Executive Director from the Maxim Institute spoke to The AM Show about a new report they have done about why ‘character skills’ are extremely important. And did you know that our character skills start to form in the first 1,000 days of life.

Character skills are increasingly valuable in the workplace and employers are struggling to find workers with these skills. These skills are not just a ‘nice-to-have’ – they are critical to our future for work and education success.

This report covers:

  • The nature of character skills: what they are, how we can define and categorise them, and why we chose a particular conception.
  • The demand for character skills in the economy: what the future of work will likely look like, and which kinds of skills will be most sought after.
  • The empirical evidence: the extent they can be developed and which kinds of interventions are most effective.
  • Principles and policies aimed at re-imagining our education, training, and development environment to a skills system that is fit-for-purpose and for the future.

Well worth a listen and what are your thoughts?

Here is the link: