Globally, business sustainability has become a necessity – a way of ‘life’.
Why? It saves money, smooths operations, diminishes risk internally and in supply chains (ie: ethical chains of custody) and opens up new business opportunities.

It is essential for New Zealand organisations to implement sustainability within their business operations to ‘future-proof’ their business. Sustainability is about driving innovation and productivity within

New Zealand which positively impacts on customers, procurement requirements and suppliers to create strong and robust ethical supply chains. Therefore, this is why this service was developed to help

New Zealand organisations who are keen to embrace sustainability – but are not sure where to start or have the time to implement this correctly.




Organisations: Rata provides opportunities for organisations to evaluate their current position, highlighting their successes and offering suggestions to help them on their journey of continuous improvement by providing a plan to move forward.


Procurement teams: Rata also helps procurement teams establish their ethical and sustainable procurement practices and helps to evaluate tender RFP responses from new and existing suppliers making sure all information provided is factual. Ethical procurement practises is a critical step to putting a stop to greenwashing in the New Zealand market place.


Myth Busting Claims: This service helps procurement teams who wish to develop an ‘Ethical Chain of Custody’ within their procurement processes to verify claims made by existing and potential suppliers in their RFP responses for tender requests to provide goods and services – ie: is the information provided ‘factually correct’.

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