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A sustainability lesson from IBM: take the lead and your supply chain might follow

I read this article on GreenBiz today and thought I would share it as it talks about the importance of leading by example to pass on the lessons of sustainability to your suppliers.

IBM built flexibility into its new supply chain requirements. The company also let its partners know one clear expectation: suppliers had 12 months to comply or lose the company’s business.

The company in effect told its suppliers: "This is the passage to being in the 21st century. If you’re not a strong player in this arena, being responsive to addressing concerns such as human trafficking, conflict minerals and various environmental issues, you will be nudged out."

In Rata's view – globally, business sustainability has become a necessity – a way of ‘life’.

WHY? Because it saves money, smooths operations, diminishes risk internally and in supply chains – plus it opens up new business opportunities.

This was a very bold move by IBM. To learn more click this link: https://www.greenbiz.com/article/sustainability-lesson-ibm-take-lead-and-your-supply-chain-might-follow

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