“My goal is to establish and implement a practical ethical business sustainability programme that becomes an integral part to the DNA of your company by working as a united team.

This will vary between business sectors and even between the employees within. When a programme is agreed, it must inspire staff from all levels to be actively involved on a daily basis by encouraging personal ownership to create an environment for continuous improvement.”

Warren Pringle

Business sustainability and ethical practices have now become more important than ever before. Why? It saves money, smooths operations, diminishes risk internally and in supply chains and opens up new business opportunities.

It is essential for New Zealand organisations to implement sustainability within their business operations to ‘future-proof’ their business. Sustainability is about driving innovation and productivity which positively impacts employees, customers, suppliers and procurement operations to create ethical supply chains which are strong and robust.

This service was developed to help organisations who are keen to embrace sustainability and ethical business practices but aren’t sure where to start, or don’t have the time or resources for implementation.

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For Organisations

Rata provides opportunities for organisations to evaluate their current position, highlight their successes and offer suggestions to help them on their journey of continuous improvement by providing a ‘practical plan’ to move forward.

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For Procurement Teams

Rata supports procurement teams to establish their ethical and sustainable procurement practices. It helps them to evaluate tender RFP responses from new and existing suppliers to make sure all information provided is factual. Ethical procurement practices are a critical step to curb greenwashing in the New Zealand marketplace. Thereby, helping to myth bust claims with the development of an ‘Ethical Chain of Custody’ documentation and practices.

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