Rata Ethical Trading Post

EST: 4-4-2021

The Ethical Trading Post (ETP) is an exciting new platform for organisations to promote themselves to an audience whom they may not have connected with.

These promotional opportunities can include:

  • Organisation profiles.
  • Achievements and milestones.
  • Feature articles on products and services along with special offers.
  • Key staff profiles – whether that be management or employee of the month.
  • New initiatives.
  • Advertising for services required or for recruiting new staff.

These promotional opportunities can be for a set period of time – i.e.: monthly, quarterly with an option to secure a regular annual spot which can change as per your particular requirements.

In today’s business world, a growing number of consumers (both personal and professionally) wish to support ethical and responsible organisations who understand how this all plays a huge part to creating ethical company brands. Employees want to work for caring, supportive employers and suppliers want to provide products and services to organisations that care and respect them.

The purpose of the ETP is to connect consumers with organisations selling products and services who all have a common desire to support ethical business practices, strong business values and well-being of employees which includes suppliers and customers.

There is a fee for organisations to use this service, depending on their requirements.

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