Ethical Business Alliance

“It is exciting to see a new initiative that recognizes the key ethical opportunities and challenges that face today’s businesses.

REBA is a New Zealand developed program that will meet and raise the personal, organisational and future outlook and achieve standards that businesses want to strive for and achieve.”

Sue Sheely – Director. SMS Consulting Ltd

The Rata Ethical Business Alliance (REBA) programme focuses on high ethics, values and integrity to raise the personnel, organisational, future outlook and standards for organisations.

This alliance will bring together an exclusive group of like-minded businesses who will be evaluated in-depth on comprehensive criteria and subsequently, become certified.

Organisations who are REBA Certified will be recognised within the New Zealand marketplace as having high ethical character. This confidence will spread from an organisations employees to the suppliers that it trades with, while also raising its standing in the marketplace as a trusted organisation to work for and to do business with.

What does ‘REBA’ stand for?
R: Removes doubt about your organisations ETHICAL STATUS.
E: Elevates TRUST.
B: Belief in your ORGANISATION.
A: Achieving an independent evaluation of your organisations ETHICAL CHARACTER.

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