Rata Certification Programme

“The benefit of being part of the Rata Certification Programme was with our dealings with our business-to-business clients.

This helped us win and secure supply agreements with various new business partners such as Air New Zealand, Auckland City Council and BP – Wildbean Cafes. In other words, Rata helped us to verify our claims to new clients and their procurement teams who could talk to Rata and have any further questions confirmed, additional to the Rata audit reports provided to BTCC.”

Mark Hamilton – Previous CEO. Bell Tea & Coffee Company

The Certification Programme was developed for organisations wanting third party certification which is neutral and independent to remove the doubt factor and provide credibility to their sustainability claims.

Always look at business sustainability certification as an investment not a cost – waste is a cost. Changing the way you do business is an investment. Investing in sustainability practices provides opportunities to improve performance across all areas within the organisation.

This certification programme is a single-level programme with 6 key requirements – each critical to an organisation in order to achieve sustainable business certification.

The programme is real, realistic and relevant which provides a clear path to sustainable business certification that does not require a university degree to achieve.

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The Value of Certification

Third-party certification is neutral and independent

Removes Doubt

Promotes Confidence

Promotes the credibility of a company to prospective clients

Protects consumers from myths, misconceptions and misleading information