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Key Topics by Sandra Pringle

These training sessions can be held either in-house or via on-line platforms and will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business or organisation. These sessions are a unique way to raise the expertise of your whole team or group of line managers within your business.
Outside working hours will be considered depending on your requirements.

Business ethics, workplace well-being and how this relates to sustainability

How to implement ethical procurement practices into supply chains

An introduction to Archetypes and the Hero’s Journey: What does this mean and how does this relate to finding your ‘balance’ in life?

Business Ethics, Workplace Well-being and How this relates to Sustainability

This session is for organisations that would like to learn how business ethics and workplace well-being are critical for:

  • Employees and suppliers and how this promotes productivity
  • Business brands and customer perception in the marketplace


Building company culture that values people and practices compassion, ethics, empathy, honesty, integrity, kindness, openness and trust provides the foundation for well-being and worker engagement to flourish.

This approach in turn, empowers employees and encourages confidence, passion, self‑belief and self‑worth, which translates into an ethical brand with strong moral principles. In a nutshell: It is about doing what is right at all times.

What will I learn?

This session will help your leadership team build on their knowledge and understanding around the different facets:

  • Why embracing ethical business practices is not only good for people’s well-being and productivity, but also for profitability
  • How ethics, values and integrity are essential for businesses and people moving forward
  • How great workplace well-being practices are essential for businesses and employees to flourish – both professionally and personally
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“You were absolutely fantastic and it was a great honour to have you speak. Thank you for the opportunity.

Everyone really enjoyed the presentation and took away some key learnings to their own organisations. Rata is going to really impact New Zealand in such a positive way! 100% behind you.”

Jodi Percy – Previous Events and Project Advisor. Cliftons Venue – Wellington.

How to Implement Ethical Procurement Practices into Supply Chains

This session will teach you what Sustainable Procurement practices ‘look and feel like’.


Your leadership and procurement teams will be introduced to what motivates organisations to move towards ethical procurement procedures. In a nutshell: It is about doing what is right to create an ethical supply chain that benefits everyone.

Ethics and sustainability should be, brought into the entire procurement cycle from the specification stage, from tender evaluation, to post-contract management. It is a key part of the procurement process and should be considered from the very start when you are defining your requirements. It isn’t something that can be added once you’ve finished the process.

It is a process whereby organisations meet their needs for goods, services and capital projects, in a way that achieves value for money on a ‘whole of life basis’. This refers to generating benefits not only for the organisation, employees and suppliers, but also for society, the economy and the natural environment.

What will I learn?

How to:

  • Create ethical supply chains to build strong and robust procurement procedures which involve the whole internal team and suppliers
  • Enhance, work and build on the ‘trust factor’ which should include supporting local suppliers where possible
  • Evaluate your current position, highlight successes and how to map out a practical plan to move forward
  • Establish ethical and sustainable procurement practices to create an ‘Ethical Chain of Custody
  • Evaluate tender RFP responses from new and existing suppliers to make sure all information provided is ‘factually correct’ to authenticate supplier claims
  • Become a role model and lead by example before engaging your suppliers on topics
  • Communicate your expectations and requirements – develop your own Supplier Code of Conduct, based on what your standards and expectations are and integrate this into your standard terms and conditions
  • Provide aid to your suppliers (i.e.: invite representatives of your suppliers to participate in training sessions to learn about your management systems)
  • Challenge your suppliers on their sustainability performance by asking them to demonstrate compliance with your requirements and your Supplier Code of Conduct  
  • Perform supplier audits and monitor continual improvement of your suppliers
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An Introduction to Archetypes and the Hero’s Journey: What does this mean and how does this relate to finding your ‘balance’ in life

It’s a journey to understanding why you are the way you are.

Archetypes and the Hero’s Journey is a road map for us to find our ‘life’s purpose’. Which then allows us to look at ourselves in the mirror and make changes that lead to an understanding of our lives.

The Hero’s Journey was created by Joseph Campbell, an American professor in 1949.  Archetypes play a huge part in this and this event will explain the basics of what this all means. 

This knowledge has been shared across the globe between people seeking answers to why they are frustrated in life and feel they haven’t yet found their ‘purpose’ or ‘balance’ – whether that be professionally or personally.  In other words, the same old issues keep arising for them or they generally feel unfulfilled.

Archetypes and the Hero’s Journey are important as it gives us a sense that real, meaningful transformation is possible for people when they face huge challenges – as we all do and will at some stage in our lives.  It shows us that we can become stronger and more resilient, by overcoming our inner and outer obstacles to ‘face-life-head-on’.

This journey resonates with many people because it reminds us that we have greater potential or purpose in life and if we have the desire to do the hard work, we can tap into this potential.

Sandra started her archetype training with expert Sonia Moore from Soul Conversations several years ago.  She is now at Level 4 which is a 12-month journey and she would like to share this newfound knowledge with others to help them achieve a snapshot understanding of the subject and how it can help both personally and professionally.

What will I learn?

This session is an introduction and will help you understand the endless possibilities we all have at our fingertips, if we are prepared to do the hard yards.

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