Connect@Rata Central

“I definitely would recommend these sessions.

They make you stop, think and listen to others. I know this has changed me – now I tend to listen a lot more without throwing my two cents worth into conversations and meetings. And the benefit of this is that you really, really are listening and learning what page other people are on.”

Anita Elmsly – HR Administrator. Alderson Poultry Transport

These interactive informal events are for organisation representatives and their guests to share knowledge on how business sustainability impacts on all areas within an organisation.

Everyone you meet at Connect@Rata (C@R), you will learn from – whether that be the guest speaker or fellow attendees. You will learn that business sustainability is so much more than most people think.

Key ingredients for the C@R events are:

  • Attendee numbers are limited encouraging interactive events.
  • High caliber speakers informing and inspiring.
  • Wide range of business issues raised and discussed.
  • Public and private sectors participation encouraged.
  • All levels within an organisation welcome.
  • Invitations open to clients and suppliers.
  • Building professional relationships.
  • Attendees are inspired, informed, introduced, referred and valued.
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