Comprehensive Health and Well‑being Training Workshop: How Ethical Workplaces Support Well-being within Organisations
Presented by Peter Simunovich and Sandra Pringle

“It was an incredible day, and I got a huge amount out of it. A big thank you to Sandra and Peter Simunovich.”

Anita Elmsly, HR Administrator – Alderson Poultry Transport

“Thanks Sandra and Peter for organising this training day. It was very insightful and definitely something we can apply to everyday life as well as in our workplace.”

Cass Thorburn, HR Advisor – InZone Industries Ltd

“This was an amazing workshop filled with a huge amount of practical, interesting and valuable information that is applicable to all aspects of life.

I learnt a lot in such a short space of time and will take a great deal away with me. Peter was fantastic. A big thank you to Sandra and Peter for organising this training day.”

Piers Zajac-Wiggett, Owner – Zajac-Wiggett Consulting

“I found this workshop to be well thought through and carefully organised to cover the final elements of modern, professional HR – while focusing on behaviours in an increasingly complex New Zealand framework.”

Nick Youngman, Country Manager – USG Boral New Zealand

Ever thought about the different facets of workplace well‑being and how this affects your people and their personal lives?

Why are bullying and toxic work environments so prolific and accepted here in New Zealand?

What are the solutions and strategies you can use to create well‑being and enable a productive healthy work environment?

How do ethical practices and sustainability relate to this?

Rata believes that developing awareness and understanding of human behavioural drivers of attitudes to workplace health and safety is critical in today’s disposable culture.

WHY? Because people are your greatest resource and by creating a positive, safe and healthy environment for your people, this will provide an increase in morale and better employee work/life balance which in turn, positively impacts your business in many ways.

SO, THE QUESTION IS – Why don’t more people understand or care about this in New Zealand?
In our view, businesses should care and you can start now. Call us to book your workshop.

1: Each workshop is limited to 25 participants
2: This workshop can be held from 9:30am to 4:15pm or split into half day modules specific to your requirements
3: Auckland events will be held at Fisher House, Highbrook. For all other regions – these can be held either in-house, at an external venue of Rata’s choice or virtually via Zoom.

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Peter Simunovich

Peter comes from a background of clinical rehabilitation from injury/illness and 10 years as a sole provider of physical conditioning to Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Here is an overview of his experience within New Zealand which is vast:

  • Lectures undergraduate and postgraduate classes at universities and polytechnics within Public and Psychosocial Health, Sport Science and Injury Management
  • Principal presenter and contributor of NZQA training programmes in occupational health and safety for the Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA)
  • Private consultant to businesses within specialist areas of human and work-related stress factors, wellness, manual handling and injury prevention
  • Guest speaker at conferences on the subject of human behaviour factors and links to the prevalence and severity of injuries in our workplaces
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