The Rata Ethical Business Alliance (REBA) programme focuses on high ethics, values and integrity to raise the personnel, organisational, future outlook and standards for organisations – which in turn is good for staff, suppliers and clients.

Rata’s Vision for REBA is:

  • This alliance will bring together an exclusive group of like-minded businesses who will be evaluated in-depth on comprehensive criteria and subsequently, become certified.

  • Organisations who are REBA Certified will be recognised within the New Zealand market place as having high ethical character.

  • To provide confidence about the ethical character of a REBA Certified organisation.

  • This confidence will spread from an organisations employees to the organisations that it trades with and raise its standing in the market place as a trusted organisation to work for and to do business with.


R:   removes the doubt factor around your organisation’s ETHICAL STATUS.

E:   elevating the TRUST FACTOR.

B:  belief in your ORGANISATION.

A:  achieving an independent evaluation of your organisation’s ETHICAL CHARACTER.


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