On the AM Show this morning there was talk about should we come out of Level 4 a few days earlier next week. This got me thinking and I am interested in hearing what others think?

Like many, I am sick of this lockdown both personally and professionally.

I am worried if we drop from Level 4 to 3 next week – do we run the risk of further community outbreaks which would lead to another Level 4 lockdown in the near future – which in my view could be worse for our overall well-being and economy recovery.

Should we extend the Level 4 lockdown by another two weeks in the hope the spread of Covid-19 would run its course with no further outbreaks which would then allow us to go back to our businesses with more faith to rebuild the economy? This will take hard work, determination and ‘thinking outside the box’.

Or should we go down to Level 3 and then in due course Level 2 to allow more businesses to open up and re-employ staff (with the Governments financial help + the banks, landlords support) to move towards some normality from next week?

And, can we rely on people doing the right thing by following the Level 3 and 2 rules? As every day, I am hearing about people flouting the lockdown rules.

Here is the latest: https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/121049493/coronavirus-life-under-covid19-alert-level-3-will-be-different-and-significant-restrictions-will-remain