We believe it all starts with ‘people’.


Improve people’s professional and personal lives through innovation.


New Zealand businesses are world leaders who understand, embrace and value ethical behaviour and the contribution that people play in this success.


Encourage and support New Zealand businesses on their quest to be ethical ‘people-centred’ organisations.


Rata forms strong, long-term professional and personal relationships built on trust, honesty, integrity and ethics.

Rata Professional Services is widely recognized as having a unique holistic approach to business sustainability, its understanding and implementation. We believe it all starts with ‘people’.

Initially, Rata was solely focused on New Zealand organisations achieving sustainable business certification through the Rata Sustainable Certification Programme.

While certification is still important, Rata has developed other groundbreaking initiatives for New Zealand organisations to embrace.

Rata believes the initiatives it provides to New Zealand businesses are sound investment tools that add value to organisations and their culture.

100% Kiwi
Owned & Operated

Our Visual Identity

Whenever Rata communicates with its audience, we understand it is an opportunity to make the right professional impression.

The Rata visual identity plays an important role in our communications and is a snapshot of what our business is about. Our visual identity incorporates a New Zealand look, while also representing sustainability in the following ways:

  • The logo is a stylized image depicting the map of New Zealand.
  • The gap between the red and green imagery – not only represents Cook Strait, but also represents a never-ending path of continuous improvement which is essential for the future growth of businesses and their development incorporating ethics and sustainability.
  • The use of the red and green imagery depicts a Rata tree in full bloom.

Ultimately, we created a visual identity that we are extremely proud of.

The Rata name and logo are a registered trademark.