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We believe it all starts with ‘people’.

Rata Professional Services is widely recognised as having a unique holistic approach to business sustainability, its understanding and implementation.

The ‘Influence of 8’

Helps leadership teams to recognise and understand the importance of why people matter in organisations, their personal lives and the wider communities they live in and how these are all interconnected.

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Connect@Rata Central

A network of interactive informal events for organisation representatives and their guests to share knowledge on how business sustainability impacts on all areas within an organisation.

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Rata Ethical Business Alliance

The Rata Ethical Business Alliance (REBA) certification programme focuses on high ethics, values and integrity to raise the personnel, organisational, future outlook and standards for organisations.

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Rata Certification Programme

Developed for organisations wanting third party certification which is neutral and independent to remove the doubt factor and provide credibility to their sustainability claims.

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Rata Consultancy

Business sustainability and ethical practices have now become more important than ever before. This service was developed to help organisations who are keen to embrace sustainability and ethical business practices but aren’t sure where to start, or don’t have the time or resources for implementation.

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Rata Ethical Trading Post

The Ethical Trading Post (ETP) is an exciting new platform for organisations to promote themselves to an audience whom they may not have connected with.

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Rata Forum

The Forum is an exciting new platform creating an online support village.

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Improve people’s professional and personal lives through innovation.


New Zealand businesses are world leaders who understand, embrace and value ethical behaviour and the contribution that people play in this success.


Encourage and support New Zealand businesses on their quest to be ethical ‘people-centred’ organisations.


Rata forms strong, long-term professional and personal relationships built on trust, honesty, integrity and ethics.